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i live and die 4 it

Prettybelle rehearsal for the recording with Angela Lansbury et al.

FUCK YEAH CRUSH PARTY: Crush Party Two: Friday the 13th


On Friday, April 13th, Wonder will host a sequel to the now-legendary Crush Party. This second event takes place at the visual arts event space La Sala in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 58 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. This space is in the back of the restaurant Cantina Royal. Everyone is invited. A…

Bernadette Peters Does Her Taxes

Just give this to me and put me to bed.

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Judy Garland imitates Marlene Dietrich

Bernadette Peters “I’m Nobody’s Baby” from Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater’s “Sleeping Beauty”

Elaine Stritch in the TV show version of “My Sister Eileen”